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Realistic Realism is the leader of the Anti-Anti Realists. He represents the Realistic ideologies on the Political compass.


The League of Anti-Anti Realists

Realistic Realism is the very first character to be introduced in the Realicide series. He is the Leader of the Anti-Anti Realists movement and the one that first recognizes the threat of Grej and the Anti Realists first.

Literally 1984(tnite)

Here Realistic Realism is seen playing on a Switch before he is surprised and drops it due to Orwellian Realisms sudden entry. He also doesn't seem to agree with Orwellian Realism on the fact that banning Fortnite is litteraly 1984.


The Extreme corners of the Political axis have been proven to be the most extreme society can get while persisting.

Physical Description

Realistic Realism is shown to be wearing the Colours of the two axis political compass on their shirt. His glasses are also in the Colours of the compass.


Analytical and calculating, while still emotional enough to work with everyone. Very into getting stuff done if the situation requires it.

Weapons and Abilities

We don't know much about his abilities but we have seen him brandishing a gun in Litterally 1984(tnite).