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Carsen is one of the original two creators of Grej/Realicide series - together with Erin. Carsen is also one of the primary Vessels of Grej, writes the scripts for each of the major shorts, and, most importantly is the lead artist for the series.

Carsen's professional art Twitter page is @Mothsprite.

General Description

Carsen is Trans-Masculine and identifies as He/Him. Carsen is a college student and studies STEM[1]. Carsen had learned to play the piano, with an audio of him performing "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" on piano being used for the Grej Christmas special video.


Carsen is widely viewed to be a Trotskyist.

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Additional Trivia

  • Is about 19 years old
  • Has dog
  • He has the odd, but relatable tendency to procrastinate (a lot).
  • Wears pretty fashionable attire.